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Solution Design
MAXRAC has its own design consultants who are experienced in offering you optimal storage solutions for optimizing your material and information flow. Based on engineering design, computer modeling, and CAD software design, we have successfully provided thousands of storage solutions for our customers.
Through a win-win combination, we can assure you of your success in managing your goods by means of our professional technology and risk management.
We can satisfy your various design requirements.

We promise
Our experienced staff will always be ready to provide you service.
We will endeavor to minimize project budgets, time and storage risk, facilitating your return on investment.
All our storage systems are designed to offer you the maximum storage space.
We strive to provide you with the optimum solution and the best service at low cost.

Assembly Support

Special Export Packaging
We pay a great deal of attention to our export packaging.
For example, we utilize plastic clips to protect the beams from abrasion during transportation.
We wrap all uprights with transparent plastic film.
You will find more details demonstrating our consideration in this area.

OEM Service Offered
We adopt advanced manufacturing equipment and technology to produce pallet racking and shelving systems so that they can be used to store a variety of goods.
We can also provide you with an OEM service based on your samples.
We sincerely hope we can be your best storage system supplier.

Quality Warranty
Excellent quality ensures a long warranty period!
Due to the high standards in the design and manufacture of MAXRAC racking systems all our storage systems enjoy a 5-year warranty.

Our commitment is for life!
With years of experience in the production and sale of racking systems, we can assure you of a structural integrity lifetime warranty of our racking systems. As a professional storage system manufacturer in China we promise that, once you choose MAXRAC, you choose the best racking systems.

We are your best choice!
We have provided services for many famous companies, having designed mezzanines for UPS, pallet racking for DHL and ADIDAS, and also have GE and L'OREAL as our clients.
Our pallet racking, mezzanines, and other racking systems have helped our customers a great deal, with their reliable performance making them very popular in many countries.

Please contact us if you would like more information about our products and services.

Main Products
  • Drive-in Pallet RackingDrive-in pallet racking is a style of heavy duty pallet racking used for high density storage. It is a successional storage rack that is not separated by aisles. Generally speaking, every two blocks of racks share one operating aisle. ...
  • Long Span ShelvingThe long span shelving system is a style of warehouse racking widely used to store or exhibit small size goods, medium size goods or heavy cargo.
    It is designed with a smooth surface and elegant appearance. ...
  • Rivet ShelvingWe have rivet shelving designed with both standard angle post and heavy duty angle post.
    In addition to rivet shelving angle post with standard specifications, we can also produce shelving according ...
  • Heavy Duty Cantilever RackOur heavy duty cantilever rack is designed with a long cantilever and can bear heavy loads, which makes it very suitable for storing long goods, such as heavy steel products, steel pipes, and timber.
    It can be designed with a ...