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What are your main products?
We mainly produce pallet racking, mobile racking, warehouse shelving systems, cantilever racks, warehouse mezzanines, material handling equipment, self support racking, and wire mesh products.

Where can your products be used?
Our products can be used for storing or handling goods in areas such as logistics centers, warehouses, supermarkets, offices, and libraries.

Why do you choose pallet racking and warehouse shelving systems as your main products?
The founder of MAXRAC, who was involved in dealing with racking systems and logistics equipment for more than 10 years before establishing MAXRAC, is very familiar with storage systems and is optimistic about the future of pallet racking and warehouse shelving systems. Besides this, we have established a good co-operative relationship with customers from more than 40 countries and we are happy to serve them again in the future.

What are your technical advantages?
The daily technical exchange with over 60 professional distributors in more than 40 countries enables us to acquire the newest market information and the most advanced techniques. Our pallet racking, warehouse shelving systems, cantilever racks, warehouse mezzanines, material handling equipment and other products all comply with Australian AS4084 standard, European FEM and DIN standards, Japanese JIS standard and American RMI standard, selling well in America, Europe, Oceania, and the Middle East.

How do you reduce production costs?
Our experienced staff and advanced equipment and technology enable us to produce pallet racking and warehouse shelving systems efficiently at a low labor cost.
We are near to the Port of Shanghai and are surrounded by highways and airports, this convenience of transportation helping reduce our purchasing costs.
We maximize the utilization of raw materials by rationally designing the product structure and accurately controlling the product load capacity. All of our storage systems are of reliable quality and are very secure.

How do you control the quality of pallet racking and warehouse shelving systems?
We have adopted the SS400 hot rolled plate produced by Shanghai Baosteel Group to produce pallet racking and warehouse shelving systems and the mechanical property of the steel is in accordance with Q/BQB303-94 standard.
We are the first company whose products meet AS4084-1993 (Australian Standard for Steel Storage Racking). We have passed ISO9001:2000 certification and our storage systems all comply with FEM10.2.02 standard.

How do you upgrade your products?
We have more than 10 professional research and development engineers who have over 10 years of experience in
designing various racking systems. We pay a great deal of attention on brand building and product innovation, spending a large amount of money on training our research and development engineers to improve their skills. Now, this team is able to design various stylish and practical storage systems for our customers.
We have created our own racking brand and can design various racking systems according to your requirements.

Which countries are your products exported to?
Our products are sold to more than 40 countries and are very popular there.
KSA, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Hong Kong, Sri-Lanka, Pakistan, India, Yemen, Singapore, Israel, Lebanon, Japan
Canada, Chile, Guatemala, Trinidad and Tobago, USA, Colombia, Guam
Ghana, South Africa, Angola
Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, New Caledonia
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Greece, Lithuania, Portugal, Slovenia

Main Products
  • Long Span ShelvingThe long span shelving system is a style of warehouse racking widely used to store or exhibit small size goods, medium size goods or heavy cargo.
    It is designed with a smooth surface and elegant appearance. ...
  • Rivet ShelvingWe have rivet shelving designed with both standard angle post and heavy duty angle post.
    In addition to rivet shelving angle post with standard specifications, we can also produce shelving according ...
  • Heavy Duty Cantilever RackOur heavy duty cantilever rack is designed with a long cantilever and can bear heavy loads, which makes it very suitable for storing long goods, such as heavy steel products, steel pipes, and timber.
    It can be designed with a ...
  • Carton Live StorageCarton live storage is a type of special storage and picking system which offers high picking efficiency and high levels of storage density in a given area, utilizing FIFO (First In First Out) stock rotation.
    It can be used in distribution ...