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Established in 2003, MAXRAC is a professional racking system manufacturer in China. We are engaged in the design, production, and sale of a variety of storage products, including pallet racking, shelving, cantilever rack, mezzanines, stacking racks, material handling equipment, live storage, and mobile racking.
With a factory area of 30,000 square meters in Shanghai's Jinshan District, and three imported rolling molding lines, we have a large production capacity and can provide high-quality warehouse shelving systems and other logistic storage equipment to you within 15-20 days after the receipt of your order. Currently, our export volume is 60-80 containers a month.
Our high quality warehouse storage equipment and considerate service have won us many customers for our storage racks, such as DHL, ADIDAS, UPS, GE, and more.
Located in Shanghai, we are near the Shanghai Port and surrounded by highways and airports. Convenient transportation helps reduce our material purchasing costs, as well as your transportation costs.

Our Products
With years of experience, we can produce a wide variety of high quality storage systems, related storage equipment, and accessories, such as pallet racking, heavy duty shelving, light duty shelving, middle duty shelving, cantilever racks, warehouse mezzanines, material handling equipment, mobile racking, wire mesh pallets, shopping carts, drum trucks, and so on.
Our racking systems and other storage systems have features such as sensible structure, stylish design, reliable quality, and high stability. They can be used as warehouse shelves, supermarket shelving, and vegetable racks, for storing, handling, or transferring goods in supermarkets, stores, warehouses, logistics distribution centers, and many other areas.

Quality and Cost Control
In order to make our pallet racking, steel structure mezzanines, and other storage equipment more competitive in the market, we have implemented a series of effective quality and cost control measures.
First, we purchase our raw materials from professional raw material manufacturers, ensuring that the mechanical properties of the steel we use comply with Q/BQB303-94 standards. Second, we use rolling, CO2 gas shielding welding, anti-rust treatment, Parkerizing and other pretreatment technology during production. Our powder coating, chemical pretreatment solutions, and other materials used in the pretreatment processes are all of the highest quality. Lastly, our pallet racking and other storage racking all undergo load-bearing testing before they leave our factory, so you can feel secure in using them.
While maintaining quality, we also strive to reduce our production cost. We implement skill training for our staff to help them master manufacturing techniques, which helps to improve production efficiency and save on labor costs. We also work to ensure that all resources are used as efficiently as possible.
As a result, our pallet racking systems have attained the Australian AS4084-1993 standard, European FEM and DIN standards, Japanese JIS standard, and American RMI standard. The reliable quality and low price of our pallet racking, cantilever racks, and other storage equipment have made them popular in countries such as the USA, Australia, Italy, Africa, and more.

To better serve our customers, MAXRAC has established a complete presale and after-sales customer service system. For example, we can provide you with samples, specified export packages, assembly instructions, and drawings of our pallet racking or other products.
In addition, our pallet racking, middle duty shelving, cantilever racks, and other warehouse storage systems all come with a 5-year warranty and spare wearing parts.
An OEM service is also available upon request.

Main Products
  • Superlock Pallet RackingSuperlock pallet racking is designed to store pallet cargo enabling you to make full use of the storage space. With a wide range of optional solutions and components available, we can design special superlock pallet racking according to your ...
  • Tops Pallet RackingTops pallet racking uprights are made of cold rolled structural steel, so they are highly rigid.
    The upright column is designed with an optimum profile, with the 50mm pitch of the holes offering a greater bearing capacity and better space ...
  • Drive-in Pallet RackingDrive-in pallet racking is a style of heavy duty pallet racking used for high density storage. It is a successional storage rack that is not separated by aisles. Generally speaking, every two blocks of racks share one operating aisle. ...
  • Long Span ShelvingThe long span shelving system is a style of warehouse racking widely used to store or exhibit small size goods, medium size goods or heavy cargo.
    It is designed with a smooth surface and elegant appearance. ...