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  • Carton Live StorageCarton live storage is a type of special storage and picking system which offers high picking efficiency and high levels of storage density in a given area, utilizing FIFO (First In First Out) stock rotation.
    It can be used in distribution centers, assembling workshops, and warehouses, among other locations.
  • Pallet Live StorageCombining the advantages of flow racking and pallet racking, our pallet live storage works on a FIFO basis, offering maximum picking efficiency.
    Packaged goods can be continuously transferred to picking stations through the replenishment aisle due to the action ...

Live Storage

Live storage is a shelving system designed to store goods, cartons or pallets.
According to the load capacity, there is light duty, medium duty and heavy duty live storage.

About our Live Storage
As a professional live storage manufacturer in China, we mainly produce pallet live storage and carton live storage.
Our live storage is suitable for goods storage and logistics management.
It is extensively used in locations such as supermarkets, enterprise warehouses, hospitals, libraries, electronics factories, pharmaceutical factories, and garment factories.

In addition to live storage, we also offer shelving, mezzanines, material handling equipment, pallet racking, mobile racking, cantilever racks, and much more.
These products have the features of rational structure, stylish design, high security and reliable quality, all of them complying with Australia's AS4084-1993 standard.
In addition, we are located in Shanghai, near to highways, airports and seaports, providing a cost benefit to your transportation costs.
You are welcome to visit us.

Pallet Racking, Shelving System
  • Superlock Pallet RackingSuperlock pallet racking is designed to store pallet cargo enabling you to make full use of the storage space. With a wide range of optional solutions and components available, we can design special superlock ...
  • Tops Pallet RackingTops pallet racking uprights are made of cold rolled structural steel, so they are highly rigid.
    The upright column is designed with an optimum profile, with the 50mm pitch of the holes offering a greater bearing ....
  • Teardrop Pallet RackingThe MAXRAC teardrop pallet racking system is the most economical and efficient system to store pallets and bulk merchandise. It can maximize the utilization of storage space in your warehouse and thus ...
  • Selective Pallet RackingAll pallets can be accessed individually and the upper space of the warehouse can be utilized to the fullest.
    Stock rotation can be achieved easily.
    The beams of our selective ...