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  • Pallet TruckOur hydraulic pallet trucks use an imported seal ring and have a chrome coated cylinder rod.
    The internal overflow valve offers overload protection and thus maintenance costs are reduced.
    The rotation axis joint uses a high quality radial roller bearing.
  • Platform Trolley Our platform trolley is designed with a honeycomb reinforced underside, enhancing its strength and durability.
    The trolley has a foam plastic platform which will not rust, chip or dent and the platform surface is slip resistant, preventing shifting of the load.
  • Louvered Panel and Plastic BinsAs a professional manufacturer of louvered panel and plastic bin systems in China, we mainly provide products such as stacking bins, hanging bins, and louvered panels.
    If you are in need of auto parts storage bins, cardboard parts storage bins, plastic storage bins, wall mounted parts ...
  • Cabinet, LockerThe combination cabinet consists of our HFC standard type cabinet and locker joined along the width, providing that the HFC standard type cabinet and locker are of the same height and depth. There is also an integrated top frame mounted on the upper part of combination cabinet.
  • Wire Mesh ContainerOur wire mesh container is collapsible and can be used for handling and storage of wire products.
    Though it is light, our wire mesh container can hold up to 4,000 lb.
    It is durable, economical and requires little maintenance.
  • Tyre RackingBoth double layer tyre racking with walkways and single layer tyre racking allow workers to store or retrieve tires individually.
    Our tyre racking can be used to store tires of various sizes.
  • Cable RackingCable racking is a type of storage rack mainly used to store reeled cables, wires, hoses, or ropes.
    Our cable racking is joined using a J type hook.
    Its unique design ensures that the cable drum axles will not fall when the cable is rolled up.
  • WorkbenchesOur workbenches are generally made up of hardboard and shelving or pallet racking.
    Small parts, boxes and bins can all be placed on our workbenches.
    These economical workbenches are easy to assemble and disassemble and can be fixed with a vice.
  • Tool RackOur tool rack is easy to use and can help you save space.
    Our roller system allows the loaded storage board to move smoothly.
    Goods in the tool rack can be stored and retrieved easily and quickly.

Material Handling Equipment

As a professional material handling equipment manufacturer in China, we also offer pallet racking, live storage, mezzanine, cantilever racking, and much more.
Please contact us if you are in need of our stillage, stacking racks, or other products.

Pallet Racking, Shelving System
  • Carton Live StorageCarton live storage is a type of special storage and picking system which offers high picking efficiency and high levels of storage density in a given area, utilizing FIFO (First In First Out) stock rotation. ...
  • Pallet Live StorageCombining the advantages of flow racking and pallet racking, our pallet live storage works on a FIFO basis, offering maximum picking efficiency.
    Packaged goods can be continuously transferred to ...
  • AS / RS Racking SystemWith the development of logistics industry, AS or RS pallet racking has gradually become a logistics system linking commodity production and commodity circulation.
    Our AS RS pallet racking ...
  • Mini-load rackingOur fully automatic mini load racking is a type of highly compact automatic storage and retrieval system specially designed for storing goods of moderate weight.
    Due to its modular design ...