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As a professional mezzanine manufacturer in China we mainly provide two kinds of warehouse mezzanines, steel structure mezzanines and rack support mezzanines.

Steel Structure Mezzanine
The steel structure allows easy assembly of the structured mezzanine, which can be designed into different forms according to your specific requirements, such as storage platforms, catwalks, control towers, or high modular buildings.

Rack Support Mezzanine
1. Mezzanines can be added to the second or third storey of a rack system to create more storage space.
2. Our rack support mezzanines can be used to create new production space, offices, storage space, assembly space, locker rooms, storerooms, cafeterias, company record storage areas, working platforms, distribution centers, and more.
3. Our rack support mezzanines can be designed according to your exact requirements in areas such as position, height, color, and load capacity. They can also be designed into various building models.
4. With a rack support mezzanine the base rack supports the upper platform on which the second layer rack is mounted. This design enables you to make full use of the dimensional height and the same effect can be achieved by fixing floor boards to the uprights.
5. Our rack support mezzanine is also suitable for use in a manual selection rack system.

In addition to warehouse mezzanines, we also offer material handling equipment, stacking racks, live storage and pallet racking, and so forth.
Our steel structure mezzanines, rack support mezzanines and other products are designed with a rational structure and are very secure, of reliable quality and a low price.
Located in Shanghai, we are close to highways, airports and seaports, helping reduce your transportation costs.
Please contact us if you are interested in our steel structure mezzanines, rack support mezzanines or other products.

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