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Tops Pallet Racking

Tops Pallet Racking

Tops pallet racking is a type of creative pallet racking system that adopts an upright column with a 50mm pitch and beam connectors with 3-5 hooks. This not only provides greater flexibility for the adjustment of beams, but also helps improve the carrying capacity of the connectors.
Inspected by authorities in Australia and Europe, our innovative tops pallet racking is in full accordance with the newest FEM standard and is also in conformity with the Australian AS4084 – 1993 standard.

About the Upright Column of our Tops Pallet Racking
Tops pallet racking uprights are made of cold rolled structural steel, so they are highly rigid.
The upright column is designed with an optimum profile, with the 50mm pitch of the holes offering a greater bearing capacity and better space utilization.
Tops pallet racking uprights are bolted through horizontal and diagonal bracings.
Different types of baseplates are available, ensuring the even distribution of load onto the ground.
Any height is available.

Parameters of Upright Column

Type of Upright Column Width Depth Thickness All units in mm
TS U 90-18 90 70 1.8
TS U 90-20 90 70 2.0
TS U 105-18 105 70 1.8
TS U 105-20 105 70 2.0
TS U 105-25 105 70 2.5
TS U 120-20 120 85 2.0
TS U 120-20 120 85 2.5
TS U 120-20 120 85 3.0
TS U 150-25 150 85 2.5
TS U 150-30 150 85 3.0

Beam Connector and Safety Lock
1. Beam Connector
The beam connector is designed to increase resistance and prevent the beam from sliding sideways whilst helping to effectively transfer the vertical weight to the hooks. The hooks are meticulously designed are of reliable performance.
2. Safety Lock
Each beam is equipped with a safety lock to ensure that the beam is correctly positioned and that it will not slide during operation. The safety lock is fastened to the beam connector when the tops pallet racking is packaged.

Box Beam
Various types of box beam are available to meet different bearing requirements.
The beam pitch can be 80-160mm.

Parameters of Beam

Types of Beam Height Width Thickness Number of Hooks All units in mm
TS B 80-15 80 45/50 1.5 3
TS B 90-15 90 45/50 1.5 3
TS B 100-15 100 45/50 1.5 4
TS B 110-15 110 45/50 1.5 4
TS B 120-15 120 45/50 1.5 4
TS B 130-15 130 45/50 1.5 4
TS B 140-15 140 45/50 1.5 4
TS B 150-15 150 50 1.5 5
TS B 160-15

Tops pallet racking is a type of heavy duty pallet rack designed in accordance with the Australian AS4084–1993 standard. MAXRAC is an experienced tops pallet racking manufacturer in China which has passed ISO9001:2000 certification. We strive to provide high quality pallet racking, warehouse shelving, carton live storage and other industrial storage equipment.
With more than 10 years experience, we have a strong production capacity reaching an annual output of more than 30,000 tons per product.
In addition, we are located in Shanghai, near highways, airports and seaports, helping to reduce your transportation costs. Please contact us if you are interested in our storage equipment.

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