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Superlock Pallet Racking

Superlock Pallet Racking

About our Superlock (76.2mm) Pallet Racking
1. Superlock pallet racking is designed to store pallet cargo enabling you to make full use of the storage space. With a wide range of optional solutions and components available, we can design special superlock pallet racking according to your requirements.
2. Our superlock pallet racking can be coupled with different specifications of pallets and containers.
3. It can co-ordinate with all handling and operational equipment.
4. Our superlock pallet racking is manufactured in accordance with the international quality standard ISO9001:2000, as well as the international design standards SEMA, FEM, and AS4084.

About the Upright Column of our Superlock Pallet Racking
1. The upright column of our superlock pallet racking bears the weight of the whole pallet racking system. The beam helps distribute the weight of the racking so that the safety and overall performance can be guaranteed.
2. Since the uprights of our superlock pallet racking adopt an optimized structure, they have the features of strong bearing capacity, high rigidity and good resistance to torsion.
3. The lateral holes on the upright column can help transfer the load vertically down the upright. Through these holes beams can be mounted into the upright columns. Since the beam is connected rather than wedged, the side loads will not bear down upon uprights through the beam connector.
4. The uprights of our superlock pallet racking have a deeper face than that of other conventional racking systems. Accordingly, our superlock pallet racking has a greater strength, rigidity and resistance to lateral impact damage.

Parameters of Upright Column

Types of Upright Column Width Depth Thickness Unit: mm
SPL U 90 – 18 90 70 1.8
SPL U 90 – 20 90 70 2.0
SPL U 105 -18 105 70 1.8
SPL U 105 -20 105 70 2.0
SPL U 105 -25 105 70 2.5
SPL U 120 -20 120 85 2.0
SPL U 120 -25 120 85 2.5
SPL U 120 -30 120 85 3.0
SPL U 150-25 150 85 2.5
SPL U 150-30 150 85 3.0

Surface Treatment and Coating
Epoxy polyester spray treatment is adopted in the surface treatment of our superlock pallet racking.
The temperature for polymerization is 180℃.

Baseplates and Shims
The upright column must be equipped with baseplates. The baseplates can provide a steady supporting surface for the upright column, making the bearing capacity scattered in a rational area, as well as helping to fix the upright column to the ground.

Beam Connector and Safety Lock
1. Beam connector
Our beam connector is designed with increased sideways resistance.
The specially designed hook is high performance, being able to bear the vertical loading.
According to different pitches and load bearing, we offer beam connectors with 3 or 4 hooks.
The sizes of beam connector hook are optional.
2. Safety lock
Each beam is fitted with a steel safety lock. This can not only ensure that the beam is correctly positioned, but also helps prevent the beam from dislodging during its work. Safety locks are fixed to the beam connector when the pallet racking is packaged.
Box Beam
Different specifications of box beam are available for various bearing requirements. The section height of the beams range from 80mm to 160mm.

Parameters of Beam

Types of Beam Height Width Thickness Hook Unit: mm
SPL B 80-15 80 45/50 1.5 3
SPL B 90-15 90 45/50 1.5 3
SPL B 100-15 100 45/50 1.5 3/4
SPL B 110-15 110 45/50 1.5 4
SPL B 120-15 120 45/50 1.5

As a professional superlock pallet racking manufacturer in China, we can provide not only superlock pallet racking, but also tops pallet racking, teardrop pallet racking, and drive-in pallet racking.
In addition to pallet racking, we also offer shelving, cantilever racks, steel mezzanines, pallet trucks, and other warehouse equipment. Due to their rational structure and reliable quality, these products sell well in countries such as Germany, KSA, USA, Canada, and the Oceania region.
Located in Shanghai, we are near to highways, airports and seaports, facilitating the efficient transport of your goods. Please contact us if you have any queries.

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