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Related Storage Equipment

Related Storage Equipment

As a professional racking system manufacturer in China, we can provide not only pallet racking and mezzanine, but also other storage equipment, such as side sloping shelf truck, drum truck, flexible conveyors, forklift maintenance platform, industrial steel rolling ladders, mobile carriers, hand trucks, shopping carts, steel drum dollies, storage trolleys, steerable skates, skates with castors and universal shelf trolleys.

Details of Some Related Storage Equipment
1. Flexible Conveyor
The flexible conveyor is a type of combination stereoscopic conveying system which utilizes an aluminum alloy frame and plastic-coated steel conveying chain.
Characterized by a small turning radius and strong climbing ability, our flexible conveyor is usually used in combination with production lines that require a high standard of hygiene, a small surface area and a high degree of automation.
2. Drum Truck
Our drum truck is equipped with a special mechanism which helps lock the load to the truck and prevent it from sliding. The truck's additional wheels can help support the truck to bear the load when it is transferred from one location to another.
3. Hand Truck
A hand truck is also called a stack truck, dolly, two-wheel dolly, trolley, sack barrow, or bag barrow. It is an L-shaped handcart used to move loads and is designed with handles at the top and wheels at the bottom. Goods can be placed onto the small ledge at the bottom, which is flat against the floor when the hand truck is upright.
4. Industrial Steel Rolling Ladders
Industrial steel rolling ladders are widely used in locations such as warehouses, stockrooms, and maintenance areas.

Located in Shanghai, we are close to highways, airports and seaports, helping reduce your transportation costs.
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